Be able to text to a new number that is not in my history or contacts

I want to send a text message to a number that is not in my contacts.  This does not seem to be a current feature.  Or, perhaps  I am doing something wrong.

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I think I have found this issue as well.

I have android phone, and using Chrome extension on Web Interface I can send a new text in already existing chat or I can select someone from my Contact List. 

It would be great to simply provide the phone number and a new conversation should start.

On the chrome extension you can simply search for a number and use it directly :) Doesn't have to be in your contacts

Wow. I did not expect this :-).

Well maybe you could change the message to search or input number, because it was a little missleading?

Thanks for the input! :)

Do you mean from Android, Chrome or Windows app?