Auto-syncs read messages and clears read notifications

So if I read a notification on the chrome extension, It clears it on my phone and vice versa. 


Same with unread/read messages.

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Unfortunately only the default SMS app on Android is able to mark an SMS as read. Join can't do that. Sorry!

Same here.  The notification is dismissed, but the stock messages app still shows the message as unread with a count #.  

I thought Join already did this. At least when I respond to a message from the Chrome extension is removes the notification from my phone.

I'm having this issue of Textra notifications persisting when I respond via Chrome extension. If there is something I'm missing to enable clearing of notifications I've already dealt with... please share! :)


Thank you!

On mine, it removes the notification, but doesn't mark the message as read. I use the Missed Call Alert app, which buzzes my phone every few minutes to let me know I missed a call or message. Since the message is not marked as read, I get these notifications, even though I've read and replied via Join.