Choose which monitor Join pops up in

Is there a way I can choose which monitor to display join messages on? I usually don't have Chrome open in my default (by Windows) monitor. Join messages, being a Chrome Widget, always pops up on the Default monitor instead of the same monitor that Chrome is open on.

Additionally, I do have DisplayFusion that I can choose which monitor a window opens in according to Process Filename, Window Text and/or Window Class. None of which work b/c for Window Class, I get: "Chrome_WidgetWin_1" If there was a specific window text when one of these pops up, I could identify it as a trigger.

DisplayFusion is a very powerful tool for multiple monitor window and display management. Many triggers can be set to display windows in specific monitors as well as size and location perimeters.

I apologize if this has already been explained w/ UWP. I'm hoping that it may be possible w/ Chrome to open in browser window. 

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Unfortunately that's a system level setting that I can't change, sorry! If you can do it, it will be through some external tool. Sorry!