Delayed or Scheduled SMS send

Not sure how popular this may be, but I personally think being able to schedule send sms/mms messages would be valuable. Helpful for scheduling reminders to ones self or others.

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Would be great to have that option like in Textra. 

This would be an important feature to use.  I work late into the evenings and often would like to text somebody, but it's rude to text that late. To be able to schedule it for the following morning (while I'm sleeping) would be the perfect solution.

It's just the same need I have. 

I don't ALWAYS want to (or need to, for that matter) send my messages immediately. I'd like to delay sending a message so that the person doesn't respond to me right away and then I feel like I'm trapped in a conversation and can't get anything else done until the conversation is finished. Just delay the message for a while while I work on something else.