Maybe this is already possible, but I cant see how.

I'd like to be able to either:
a) select more than one sms recipient (don't care whether it's sent as multiple SMS or one group MMS)
b) select one of my contact groups as a recipient as can be done in mySMS.

At the moment, I'm running mySMS just for this reason.
It doesn't have the other nice features that Join does.

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I've noticed this too - i want to send a text to multiple recipients, but once i key in one name, the Chrome app goes immediately to any text session i have already active with that recipient... that's not right - i haven't decided the full list yet!  As it is, i have to get on my phone to start any new thread, enter all the recipients, and THEN, i can interact with the thread in JOIN.  Would like to initiate a new multi-recipient thread in join.  Thanks

OK, I can see how I can select an existing group - good.
For a new group message, how can I select the contacts?
i.e. rather than typing their numbers separated by commas?

Sorry, that's not possible yet.

sorry, I meant in the Chrome extension.


To send message to certain existing group you should select it from your conversation list. About creating a new group, can you try writing a new message and use multiple numbers separated by a comma?

Hi there. Do you mean in the Chrome extension or the Android app?