Ability to seen more texts in an SMS thread

It would be cool if we could have the SMS thread buffer when trying to scroll back further in time so as to see older messages. As it is, I can only seem to do so many messages before it stops me from looking back any further.

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Oh, I see what you mean. Could you please do a new feature request for that then? :) That would be a clever idea indeed. Thanks!

You got it, thanks https://joaoapps.helprace.com/i217-load-more-sms-thread-scroll-back-as-needed

It already is in the main channel. Please check the option under the Android app's settings -> SMS And Phone Calls -> History Count

Maybe the problem is I didn't know what it was like before since I'm new to Join. What I'm expecting it to scroll back through a message thread with someone and automatically have more and more load, which doesn't happen. I imagine the count setting to give you an initial amount and join to send a push request to the decide with more history to pull that in. Make sense? Possible? Separate request than this one then? 

Already implemented in the beta :)

You can try it here if you like: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9787157/apk/Join.apk

If/when will this be rolled into the main channels (doesn't seem to be currently)?