How to send copied text on Android to IFTTT

Hi Joao,

I want to send any copied text to IFTTT by copying and then tapping the floating icon. On the Internet I only found your demonstration using custom actions; is this the only way join can send events to IFTTT? I found out it's possible to push to IFTTT with that floating icon. What action type does this corresponds to? Can I set this action type as the event_type for the webhook on IFTTT so IFTTT can receive this kind of push events? What will be the arguments (value{1,2,3}) for webhook if it works this way?



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Thanks for the reply. In my opinion, it totally make sense to send selected text to IFTTT for any action, for example, post selected text to twitter. Currently in your demonstration this can only be achieved by triggering a custom action with share menu/command tile, and then use voice to input the actual text.

In my case, I want to call an external service with the selected content. I've finished the listener side, but Join doesn't support pushing notification to arbitrary API address, so I try to bridge Join and my server using IFTTT's webhook.

Maybe that's not how it is supposed to be done. Could you give me some hints on what I am supposed do?

I think what you should be doing is selecting the text, then instead of copying it use the "SHARE" action, then share with a pre-made action that sends it to IFTTT. It should send the text right away without you needing to do anything else :)

It doesn't make much sense to send a clipboard to IFTTT because you can't specify what even you want to trigger. Maybe I'll simply remove the IFTTT device from the list, thanks.