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Would love to be given the option of using Dropbox as the cloud storage provider instead of Google Drive. Based on individual user priority. Some users may not wish to store all of their MMS and SMS data, as well as pushes to Google Drive.

This is an incredibly useful application but sadly, due to the lack of this option, and due to the way Google Drive handles photos, even ones that do not end in a photo file format, I had to remove it.

Would love to see this kind of flexibility for the sake of choice, control over data, and privacy. 

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The idea is not to hide the files so that users don't know what's going on. The idea is to hide them so that that problem you mention goes away: 

due to the way Google Drive handles photos, even ones that do not end in a photo file format, I had to remove it.


You  mean hide them in a directory the USER can still see but Google's other services cannot and don't "integrate" into?

That does sound a bit better and possibly a good short term solution because I recognize adding an entirely different cloud provider is probably more complex than most of us non-developers consider.

Stil;, that choice of cloud provider would be the preferred long term solution in the name of user control and peace of mind.

Thank you for being so responsive. Much moreso than many other developers. You make pretty amazing stuff and I cannot wait to see the future of Join and now Tasker. I realize it is a lot to handle on top of requests and suggestions from users like myself, but you have some amazing, incredibly useful services on your hands.

Edit: Fixed dumb typos. :P

I actually have a plan to hide all those files (notification images, sms files, push history, etc) from user view so that it doesn't do that anymore. :)

That actually concerns me a little more. I'd really prefer an option of Dropbox. Not make the situation seem worse by not only still holding them in Google Drive but having no way for the user to directly confirm what is or isn't there, in their Google Drive. (I actually hope that's not possible on Google's end because that opens a LOT of worrisome questions about peoples' Google Drives.)

No offense but that seems like it'd make the problem I, and users that agree with this suggestion, much worse. Not better.