dual sim support

In Developed countries, dual-sim phones are a common thing. I have two Lennovo phones with dual sim support, and I was hoping the it is possible to have this feature if it's not a pain.

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I am on beta but can not see the feature for support for dual SIM.

Settings > SMS And Phone Calls > Advanced > SIM To Use

hi, i try dualsim in beta, i can set default sim, but i can´t use second sim for every event.

i need use one times sim1, one times sim2, it would be a choosing option.


Do you mean that for each SMS you send out you want to select if you want to use SIM 1 or 2?

yes, and call too.. thanks

Can you please create a new feature request for that? thanks in advance!

+1. Being able to choose SIM for SMS and calls would be REALLY useful. I have a personal line and a business line. Currently I can only use Join with the personal line which is most annoying! The google messaging app allows you to switch SIM by holding down on the send button (same as bringing up the subject box). It would be great if Join could either mimic this, or even better just have some obvious selctor, or even 2x send buttons.

I'm in a similar situation right now, I have to manage two independent mobile numbers (different countries in my case) and this makes the desktop sms feature a lot more difficult to use, I haven't encountered any alternatives that support dual sim desktop sms either though.

I'd recommend a symbol that lets you switch between the first and second sim card in case there is more than one.

This is already possible in the beta :)


Hope this helps!

That's right. I need the ability to choose the sim card I want to use for sending SMS or place the call on the Chrome extension. Especially sending SMS.