Join + tasker request

In tasker task plugin choices, it would be nice if I could simply chose to have tasker open the join share menu. That way I can chose what device I want to share to from there. Thanks. 

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Sorry I wasn't that clear. There is an option in join that when you copy something to the clipboard it opens the share bubble to other devices interface.I have this turned off because I don't often use it. I do have tasker task that copies 2 factor authentications and I would like to be able to launch the bubble to share as part of a tasker task. 

Ok, here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9787157/apk/Join.apk

Added the Clipboard Bubble option in the "Send Push" action

Hope this helps! :)

Sorry, do you mean instead of choosing a device in the action directly you would see the menu and then push whatever was configured to it?


Wow thanks, awesome work!